The creation of

Galway Aesthetic Nurse


Carmelita Gibbons, is the managing owner of Galway Aesthetic Nurse; – a clinic in Galway city that specialise in non-surgical facial rejuvenation and the art of aesthetic medicine. We sat with Carmelita in the summer of 2020 for an initial discovery session, to identify how we could maximise her business through the medium of digital. We began with a foundational brand strategy session, and we subsequently proceeded to devise a digital strategy that would tackle the burdens and pain-points that the clinic was facing.

New Brand Identity

It became crystal clear from our first meeting, that Carmelita’s life mission transcends the skilful art of facial rejuvenation; – it’s much bigger. The elixir that drives the continued success of Galway Aesthetic Nurse, is the burning passion that Carmelita possesses to help her patients rediscover their inner-confidence, and to re-invigorate her patients’ self-esteem and self-love…

We wanted the brand logo to embody this.


The illustration of an individual rising out of a blossoming flower in the logomark represents the blooming of a patient’s self-confidence. The pink shades of the flower petals symbolise love and kindness to oneself, whilst the green at the base of the flower represents health and growth.
Focusing on the logotype, we decided to weigh less emphasis on the location of the company’s operations (‘Galway’), and to instead focus on the words that describe the company’s day-to-day service (‘Aesthetic Nurse’).

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Design + Development

Next on the agenda for us, was the design and development of a new company website for Galway Aesthetic Nurse. From the outset, we established the primary objective that the website would aim to fulfil; – and that was to showcase the array of treatment services that the clinic offered, along with a seamless appointment booking system for customers to schedule their treatment-specific visits.

One paint-point that Carmelita was facing that we looked to rectify with this website, was the number of no-shows that she had been experiencing in-clinic. Secondly, with the aid of a new website; – Carmelita wanted to eradicate the unpredictability of her clinic hours, by setting her rigid available hours in clinic, that potential customers would have to work with should they wish to undergo a treatment.


Prior to the website’s booking system, all appointments were scheduled over-the-phone and through pen-and-paper, which meant prospects did not have to make any up-front financial commitment in the process of scheduling their appointments and were therefore more likely to make alternative plans at the last minute. This over-the-phone scheduling style additionally gave prospects more leverage to request awkward appointment times, with no clear boundaries set as to when Carmelita was available and when she wasn’t.

Both issues were rectified through the new company website. We did this by installing a comprehensive booking system on the site that required customers to pay a non-refundable deposit at the point of scheduling their treatment. This saw an overnight complete eradication of no-shows, and only in very genuine circumstances, would customers reach out to Carmelita to request a rescheduling. The pre-determined available hours on the booking system further transformed Carmelita’s daily operations, with her working days becoming jam-packed with back-to-back appointments within a set timeframe, as opposed to the fragmented working hours that she had been experiencing before.

Galway Aesthetic Nurse are an official stockist of many cosmetic-related products, working with renowned brands in this space such as REFORM Skincare and Neostrata® Ireland.

As an extension of the new company website, we also seized the opportunity to install an all-encompassing e-Commerce store on the site.

Lastly, we designed branded Gift Vouchers and Complimentary Slips for Galway Aesthetic Nurse; – ensuring brand consistency between the company’s digital and print media.