New beginnings for...

Carey Financial Planning


Carey Financial Solutions was established in January of 2021. Its founder, Conor Carey, was formerly a director of CMCC Financial Solutions since 2006, and prior to this role, he had worked with various financial institutions for 15-years. With Conor’s 30-years of experience in the financial industry, along with a workforce of 4 additional personnel right out-of-the-gate; this new establishment was far from your conventional start-up firm.

Brand Creation

As the chosen marketing agency; our challenge at Conneally Digital was to create a brand identity for Carey Financial Solutions that showcased the company’s maturity and credibility whilst still looking very new and modern. Furthermore, we wanted to avoid using any stereotypical financial visuals (i.e. money, piggy banks, rising graphs, calculators etc.). Instead, we would focus on more aspiration-based visual concepts; remembering that as marketers; we don’t sell products, we sell dreams and outcomes.


After a brand discovery session with Conor, we formulated a word cloud for the brand, using single words that we agreed best embodied the brand’s personality and ethos. Words included: Guidance, Stability, Security, Approachable, Safety, Trustworthy. We further learnt of a nearby landmark that Conor holds a dear sentimental value to from his childhood years; – Ballycurrin Lighthouse on the shore of Lough Corrib. This was perfect.

Throughout history, lighthouses have stood the test of time, serving as beacons of direction, guidance, and safety for navigators in stormy and unchartered waters. The choice to use a lighthouse in the brand logo remained true to the company’s ethos and maturity, whilst also paying homage to Conor’s childhood.

For the logotype, we made the decision to use all lowercase lettering; – which modern psychology says provides a calming effect and is unintrusive.

We used the colours of blue and gold; – colours that evoke an involuntary emotional response at the unconscious level of our brains. Blue evokes trust and security, and it has a calming effect. And dating back over 5000 years since it first attracted the eye of early man, Gold is a colour of wealth and prosperity.

Pantone 280 C
Pantone 116 C

Unlike most new businesses, Carey Financial Planning hit-the-ground running with a total workforce of 5 team members and a deep wealth of experience. We wanted to make this known for all website visitors, and so the decision was made to photograph corporate headshots for each individual team member.

With the strong feelings of uncertainty and distrust that surround the financial industry, we felt that it was very important to feature these human faces at the core of the Carey Financial Planning brand.

Following on from the foundational brand development, Conneally Digital were assigned the task of designing and developing the company website at We first defined what the primary objective of the website would be, and we optimised the website’s wireframe to align with that goal thereafter. The call-to-action ‘Let’s Talk’, can be found on every individual service page, which nudges prospects and leaves them only ever 1-click away from connecting with the company and beginning a discussion.

Simple 3 Step Process


We Listen & Assess

We listen to your current financial arrangements and build our road map in getting you to where you need to be.


We Plan & Advise

We research the market to compare your current financial arrangements to ensure we identify valuable solutions.


We Review & Improve

We will review, research and advise to ensure this remains a sound course in ever changing life circumstance.