Galway Aesthetic Nurse

Client Overview Carmelita Gibbons, is the managing owner of Galway Aesthetic Nurse; – a clinic in Galway city that specialise in non-surgical facial rejuvenation and the art of aesthetic medicine. We sat with Carmelita in the summer of 2020 for an initial discovery session, to identify how we could maximise her business through the medium […]

Carey Financial Planning

Client Overview Carey Financial Solutions was established in January of 2021. Its founder, Conor Carey, was formerly a director of CMCC Financial Solutions since 2006, and prior to this role, he had worked with various financial institutions for 15-years. With Conor’s 30-years of experience in the financial industry, along with a workforce of 4 additional […]

SmallWall School Products

Client Overview SmallWall School Products are one of Ireland’s largest providers of schoolyard and playground equipment. All of their products are invented and self-fabricated at their in-house facilities in North Galway. We were initially contacted by Seán Dunleavy of SmallWall in the summer of 2020 and were then contracted to work on the company’s digital […]